Radvision Scopia PathFinder Firewall

Κωδικός: 55678-0060x

SKU: 55678-0060x

Scopia PathFinder is a complete firewall and NAT traversal solution enabling secure connectivity between enterprise networks and remote sites. PathFinder maintains the security and advantages of firewall and NAT over networks and allows seamless integration with existing video conferencing systems and infrastructure. PathFinder handles Firewall and NAT problems without upgrading devices or compromising security.

PathFinder Firewall Traversal Highlights

  • Works with Any Firewall, Endpoint and Gatekeeper 
    Solves near-end and far-end firewall issues allowing you to maintain existing security measures with no changes to existing firewalls. All H.323 standards-based endpoints and gatekeepers are supported. Retains all Radvision Gatekeeper features: enhanced dial plan, hierarchy, conference hunting, CDR records and API for integration.
  • Easily Deployed
    Easily deployed in the DMZ while the PathFinder client can be installed on any standalone computer in the network. Simply continue using your existing firewall, gatekeeper, and video conferencing endpoints. No changes in dial plans or E.164 numbers required.
  • Secure 
    Hardened Linux operating system, client with built-in access control to prevent attacks by malicious devices, AES encryption and client authentication provide intensive security and peace of mind for the administrator.
  • Scalable and Distributed
    A single PathFinder client deployed can support many individual endpoints. PathFinder servers can be neighbored for additional capacity and backup. Clients hunt backup servers in the event the primary server is unavailable.
  • H.460 Compliant
    Providing the latest in video conferencing firewall traversal technology.