Radvision eVident Monitoring

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Implementing a voice and video application on a network can present challenges including the ability to deliver quality audio and HD video collaboration. Radvision’s eVident intelligent monitoring solution enables enterprises and service providers to ensure network readiness before and after voice and video applications are deployed. eVident also provides continuous network monitoring of media to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) for users and to detect faults that may affect application usage.

Easily Monitor Video Networks
Radvision’s eVident is a comprehensive software monitoring solution for all stages of video and voice deployment. eVident’s three applications include PreVideo for simulating a video conferencing application and identifying network issues before deployment; RVMON for real time QoE monitoring of the entire installation; and VQInsider for detailed quality measurement and analysis to focus on problem areas.

Determine Network Readiness

With PreVideo, network administrators can test their networks and determine if they are ready for voice and HD video conferencing. PreVideo emulates video systems and can simulate hundreds of calls simultaneously – enabling administrators to determine the impact of video prior to making significant endpoint investments. Through test results, recommendations are determined for network enhancements to prevent problems before they occur.

Real Time Voice and Video Monitoring

RVMON delivers real time QoE monitoring through continuous collecting and analysis of audio and video metrics of conferences throughout the entire installation. Bandwidth monitoring identifies bandwidth used identifying bottlenecks, usage trends and traffic routing patterns; while QoE reports enable administrators to determine adaptive and corrective actions for continuous optimization of the user experience.

Quality Measurement and Analysis

VQInsider provides in-depth measurement and analysis of the user experience for quantification of voice and video quality. Through detailed reports from non-intrusive examination of network and audio/video codec parameters, VQInsider determines the cause of quality issues and defines improvement options, enabling organizations to develop and maintain HD video conferencing applications and services.

Proactively Improve Call Quality

Radvision’s eVident enables a proactive approach to avoid call quality problems before they occur ensuring administrators deliver the highest application performance possible. When reactive measures are required, it also increases their efficiency by providing real time analysis and diagnostics reducing customer care response time.